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Maximising Profits with Dark Kitchens (Even During Covid-19)

7th April 20200

Have you got a hospitality business that involves food preparation? Then dark kitchens would be a great opportunity to maximise profits without the added costs associated with opening new branches. Let us show you how dark kitchens can benefit your business and what we can do to help you with this journey.

How to Use Dark Kitchens to Maximise Profits and Increase Revenue (Yes, Even During the Coronavirus Crisis)

Understanding what’s behind this fairly-new buzzword is key to making the most out of this versatile concept.

What are dark kitchens, exactly?

Also known as ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens or virtual concepts, dark kitchens refer to a menu that is prepared in an existing restaurant or kitchen but only sold through a delivery service. Have you ever ordered a takeaway from that restaurant that had just popped up on Deliveroo but that you had never seen in town? Then you’ve already used a dark kitchen yourself.

Dark kitchens: optimising space and equipment, maximising revenue

Virtual kitchens are a logistic dream: they allow you to reach new customers, offer different options to your existing clientele, and make more money without any big initial investments.

You’re using a pre-existing kitchen, equipment that you already own, and staff that is already paid to be on shift, while the delivery is taken care of by external drivers provided by companies like Deliveroo, JustEat or UberEats. Basically, you’re maximising the profitability of what you already own.

If you’re delivering from a hotel kitchen or from a restaurant that closes in between lunch and dinner, dark kitchens will also help you optimise dead times without an increase in operational costs or labour.

Dark kitchens during the Coronavirus Crisis

The Covid-19 crisis is having a terrible impact on restaurants and the hospitality industry, but, as any entrepreneur will tell you, the key to success during difficult times is to adapt. Food deliveries are now the only way for restaurants to keep trading.

Do you already offer takeaway options? No matter how much they love your restaurant, there’s only so many times per month that a customer will order the same type of food. By spicing up your offer with separate menus you can tap into different styles and cuisines, reaching new customers and making it more likely for the same ones to buy from you more frequently.

Operations consultancy services to help you create new dark kitchens

Dark kitchens consultancy services

So, how do you create a dark kitchen? The most cost-effective way is to consider the equipment that you already own and figure out what type of menus and cuisines you can use it for. You also need an attention-grabbing logo and name to stand out on platforms like Deliveroo and, of course, a strong marketing and social media plan to reach customers.

At Pheby Food Concepts we offer operations consulting services  to help you conceive a successful brand, develop an outstanding menu, and get your new dark kitchen up and running. Our renowned franchise consulting programmes are also extremely beneficial when creating a concept that can be easily replicated and delivered from more than one premise.

Dark kitchen franchise opportunities

Dark kitchens franchise opportunities

If, instead of creating a new concept from scratch, you want to start increasing your profits through dark kitchens immediately, why not steal one of our virtual brands? All proven to be extremely popular, our portfolio of four dark kitchens includes something for anyone, perfect to match different types of kitchen equipment and demographics.

Are you ready to maximise your profits by adding dark kitchens to your hospitality business? Get in touch: we’ll help you turn your idea into a successful concept that makes the most of your existing equipment and intrigues your target audience!

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