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What We’ve Been Up to The Past Few Months and How We’re Planning on Moving Forwards

11th September 2020

It’s been a very strange year, hasn’t it? If you told us this all started only 6 months ago we wouldn’t believe you, 6 years more like! It’s as good a time as ever though to get our blogs back on track again and what better way than to catch you all up on what we’ve been up too.

It’s Time to Catch Up

From new stores opening, introducing new brands into our umbrella and reopening locations, it’s been a busy few months for us and we want to get you caught up.


Wok&Go has always been our bread and butter, after all, our company was built off the back of the launch of the noodle shop. The last few months have had its negative effects on us as we did have a few stores having to close for a short period of time. However, we have are starting to come out on the other side.

As you might have heard from our previous post (read this too, it will take you literally 2 minutes) we wanted to show our immense gratitude to the NHS and the work they were and are continuing to do in this extremely difficult time. We did this by delivering over 3,000 hot meals to the staff of Chester Countess hospital. We cannot convey our gratitude to these amazing heroes and we hope that each and every worker understands how lucky we are that we have them.

Our Asian noodle bar took part in the Eat Out to Help Out campaign that was available in the UK, courtesy of the UK government. This was a good opportunity for us to reconnect with a lot of our loyal customers and it was great for us to be able to have people back inside our stores. The campaign was a success for us and we were happy to have some sort of normality again (for however long it’s going to last for at least).

We’ve had a couple of new stores pop up as well over these last few months. Yes, new businesses in this climate, crazy right? We took the plunge and were able to open up our Wok&Go stores in both Tooting and Uxbridge in August. We were lucky that the right opportunities presented themselves to us, even in these uncertain times. Both branches had a successful launch period which we were so grateful for as we now look towards the future. As well as the new, we were able to bring back a bit of the old. Our branch in Southampton was able to open up again in August, followed shortly by Birmingham Aston University which reopened its doors in early September. We also have our Leeds branch reopening in September.

Dough Dough

If Wok&Go is the bread and butter, Dough Dough is the pizazz of Pheby Food Concepts Group. Our little restaurant has had an interesting few months and to say that we’ve taken the bad and came away with the good would be an understatement.

Similar to Wok&Go, we wanted to ensure the NHS staff were all properly compensated (by us at least) and treated like the heroes that they are and always have been to us. We did this by offering 3,900 meals to NHS staff. Offering pizzas and a side were the very least we thought we could do for the people who sacrifice so much for us. Again, it cannot be stated how lucky we are to have the NHS and its magnificent staff and we are thankful every day for doing what you do.

Our Dough Dough brand also took part in the Eat Out to Help Out government campaign. This was a great chance for us to not only give our loyal customers something back for coming to visit us in such a strange time of life but to also reach a new base of people who may have never heard of us. Overall, we got a lot of positive feedback over this period and hopefully, we have some new customers who will be coming back to our restaurant soon.

We started out as a local Chester restaurant but we’ve always had ambitions and a vision of what we could be in the future. With that being said, we’re hopeful that the UK will have 4 Dough Dough locations in the next few months. We were able to capitalise on some opportunities that presented themselves and very soon we will have a site in Liverpool, Warrington and Derby. It certainly is an exciting time for us and we’ll keep you all updated on our progress via our social media over the coming months.

The Rest…

Crepe Delicious

For those of you that don’t know Crepe Delicious, you definitely need to get to. For those of you that already do, get excited! We have been able to sign a deal that will introduce Crepe Delicious to the UK over the coming months. The brand who has an established global presence with locations in the likes of South Africa, Hong Kong and more are expected to land in the UK in the next few months, one to keep an eye on for sure.


You might have noticed we have a shiny new website. This is something we’ve worked on getting sorted for a little while now as we know how important having a positive online presence is. What do you think about it? Have any recommendations on what needs to be on here? Let us know.

That’s All Folks.

That’s all we have for now (we’re being a little sarcastic when we say all). We’ve been very busy over these last few months despite COVID and working on how we can improve our brand(s). Now more than ever it is important to be flexible and able to respond and adapt to the impending changes we are likely to see in our society. We hope everybody is well and doing their best to remain positive about the future. For more information about us or anything, we do check out the rest of our website or get in touch with us at for any and all general enquiries.

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