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Cheshire & Warrington Recovery Grant

24th September 2020
Have You Heard the News?

If we all got £1 for the number of times, we heard something along the lines of “in the current global ongoings” etc. there would be no need for financial aid or support for businesses. Unfortunately, due to the current global ongoings (see what we did there) right now small businesses are crying out for support to survive the uncertain period were about to experience. Thankfully, the C&W Recovery Grant is here.

What Is the Fund?

The Cheshire & Warrington Recovery Grant is here to support all SMEs across the regions affected by COVID-19. The 100% grant of a maximum of £5,000 can be used to help businesses build new business models, create and develop new products and target potential new markets or customers. The aim of this flexible grant is to protect jobs in the sectors and businesses most affected by COVID-19.

The following funding has been made available for grants by Cheshire & Warrington LEP:

  • £175,000 for Visitor/Tourism economy businesses which equates to approximately 55 grants.
  • £311,000 for the wider business economy, equating to roughly 95 grants.

This programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

You Can Claim Our Services

The good news is that our services provided by PFC Consulting are applicable to these grants! Whether you’re looking to increase your marketing output, develop your online brand, start strategic planning for the future or develop new products, PFC Consulting has the services available to get you heading in the right direction. You might be wondering what exactly we do, so read on to find out more about what we do.

What Do We Do?

At PFC Consulting we understand the various aspects that go into running a successful business, we’ve done it ourselves after all. It would take us all day to tell you what we can do for your business and how, so we’ll highlight a few things here for you to sink your teeth into.

Operational Procedures

If your policies and procedures aren’t in order, your business might not meet compliance. If you have ambitions to grow your business, you’ve got to make sure your operating procedures are in place to not only make any expansions smooth but that your chances of succeeding are increased.

Operational Efficiency Reviews

What good is it if you’ve set hours of your time to get your procedures in order, but they don’t positively affect your business in any way? Efficiency is a vital element of any business and making sure your procedures are optimised to increase efficiency and output could be the difference between your business sinking or swimming.

Payroll Management

You’ve already got a million things to do each day, the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours on the payroll. Outsourcing your payroll frees up time on your end to concentrate on other duties you’ve got and given you one less thing to worry about, meaning your business benefits as a whole.

Product Development

Not sure of the best way to develop products that add value to the customer’s journey? Know what you want to do but just not sure of the final point to really improve how good your products are going to be? With our experience we can give you reliable, honest advice on how best to develop your current or non-existing product range to maximise profits and add to the consumer’s journey taking them from just being interested in your goods to become another loyal customer.


We also offer support to people looking to turn their business into a franchise. If you’ve got a solid idea, how do you improve? Expand, of course! It’s okay to feel comfortable but to truly maximise your potential you sometimes have to take the leap and expand your horizons. This is where we come along and help you by utilising our existing experience. For those who don’t already have a brand, we also support people bringing their first idea to life as well as offering our own dark kitchen brands as potential outlets for people to begin their entrepreneurial adventure.


Speaking of franchising, we also offer shop fit design consultancy. We can help you with anything from designing the layout, identifying how much space certain things will need and recall our own experiences of stores in order to provide the best environment for your customers and staff. We design all our shops to be usable for dark kitchens to operate out of and also can provide our dark kitchen brands if you’re looking to add some variety to your workspace.

Get in Touch for More Info

You’ve read about the C&W COVID Recovery Grant and seen some of the services we offer, now it’s time for you to take action. If you sign up and are successful in getting a grant, get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you and help get you started on your entrepreneurial adventure. PFC Consulting is a subsidiary of Pheby Food Concepts Group Ltd. and is based in Chester, England. The company is one of the most well-established restaurant management groups based in the UK and now offers consulting and other services to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. With brands like Wok&Go and Dough Dough under our umbrella, we have many years’ experience creating restaurant concepts and have translated this into our consulting services.

Have you got a business vision? Our restaurant management consultancy can show you exactly what to do in order to turn it into reality.
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