Dark Kitchens

Making the Most Out of Kitchen Space

Have you got a hospitality business that involves food preparation? Then dark kitchens would be a great opportunity to maximise profits without the added costs associated with opening new branches.

A dark kitchen is the perfect way to maximise profits by minimising down times.

How to maximise profits during dark kitchens

Benefits of using dark kitchens

  • Reach new customers.
  • Offer your current customers something different.
  • You’re using a kitchen and the equipment that you already own.
  • You’re utilising your staff and reducing quiet periods.
  • The delivery is taken care of by an external business like Deliveroo or JustEat.
  • Maximise profits of what you own.

Dark kitchens post Coronavirus

The food and drinks industry is facing an unprecedented period post COVID-19. Now more than ever it is important to offer takeaway options, as well as utilising times where you may expect to be more busy but may be suffering from reduced footfall.

No matter how much they love your restaurant, there’s only so many times per month that a customer will order the same type of food. By spicing up your offer with separate menus you can tap into different styles and cuisines, reaching new customers and making it more likely for the same ones to buy from you more frequently.

Operations Consultancy Services

Starting a dark kitchen is cost effective, but you cannot just open anything. You’ve got to consider the equipment you already have and what menus and cuisines you can offer. You need a good name and logo as well as a proper marketing plan.

It’s not an easy task and that’s where Pheby Food Concepts comes in. We offer operations consulting services to help you conceive a successful brand, develop an outstanding menu, and get your new dark kitchen up and running. Our renowned franchise consulting programmes are also extremely beneficial when creating a concept that can be easily replicated and delivered from more than one premise.

Our Portfolio

Interested in maximising your assets and increasing profitability but haven’t got an idea? Take a look at our dark kitchen brands that you could use. All proven to be extremely popular, we have brands that cater to any taste and can be used by many different kitchens.

Ready to turn your idea into a successful concept?