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Restaurant Franchising

Have an idea for a new restaurant you want to start but need some advice on how to get off the ground? Give us a call


PFC Consulting can assist you with any aspect of your restaurants’ operation. With 12 years’ experience working with several brands such as Wok&Go and Dough Dough, PFC consulting is the obvious choice if you are seeking restaurant consulting services. We’re confident that our team of expert consultants can advise you in the best way to chase your dreams and turn a simple idea into the next big thing. From the smallest independent businesses to the largest multinational restaurant operators, we continue to benefit all sized businesses. Now we can help you, too! No matter your industry, our diverse wealth of knowledge enables us to offer you practical and actionable advice. We are proud to have developed our own unique franchising methods that push the traditional boundaries of this industry. Operations management is at the heart of most managerial issues. Our operations consultants are eager to help you prevent these issues.

Franchise businesses are the best way to optimise your assets and turn an already proven idea into the next big thing. Our expert consultants not only work with you on the initial development of your franchise, but they’re also on hand in the future should you ever require any advice going ahead. We are able to provide support and resources to any of our clients in any of the general functions of running a franchise business. Whether it be something tiny like getting your branding right or monumental like getting the right location, we are there, every step of the way. You can speak with our team on areas you feel you need work with, whether that be recruitment, training or staffing, we’re here to help you get the most out of your ideas. And when your idea has gone to the races and you’re ready to take your business global, we’ll help you break down those international barriers and enter the global market.

Moving Forward in the Future

Collectively, we are in unchartered territory at this moment in time, due to the current global situation. It is an uncertain period to be venturing into a new business idea. Well, it would be at least, if you didn’t have us alongside you. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. From March 2020 and ongoing, our own brands like Wok&Go and Dough Dough have expanded dramatically, with more than 10 new stores open (or due soon) between them. With our years of experience, we’ve got an eye for how and when to expand. During this time we have seen the opportunity to get set up now and with a strong history in the franchising game, we were able to confidently get going despite the current global situation.

It is very challenging starting a new venture in the best of times, starting in the hospitality and restaurant industry now would be crazy for most people. With a team of experts by your side, however, there might not ever be a better time. The flip side to this is the excitement you can get from pushing yourself and doing something you’ve always believed you can do. Whether you’re sat with an empty page in front of you or you have a catalogue of ideas ready to go, give us a call to get your dreams in motion.

Are you interested in sharing our thrilling journey? All of our restaurants and virtual brands are available to the franchise. Or, perhaps, you would like us to join yours, instead? We offer not only the opportunity to franchise our brands but offer restaurant consulting for those wanting to create their own brands.

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